iCODE workshop on Quantum Dynamics & Control

Séminaire le 23 Mai 2016, 09h00 à IHP, amphi Darboux, Paris

We are pleased to announce the iCODE workshop on Quantum Dynamics & Control that will be held on May 23-24 2016 in amphi Darboux of IHP (Paris).

Confirmed speakers include Karine Beauchard, Nabile Boussaïd, Daniel Burgarth, Domenico D'Alessandro, Gunther Dirr, Alain Joye, Christiane Koch, Mathieu Lewin, Pierre Rouchon, Alain Sarlette, Thomas Schulte-Herbrüggen, Francesco Ticozzi.

The full program and more details are available here.

Registration is free. To register and for any other question please send an email to qdc2016@inria.fr.