DelSys Workshop

Séminaire le 25 Novembre 2015, 08h30 à CentraleSupélec, Gif sur Yvette

The 4th DelSys Workshop on Observing and Controlling Complex Dynamical Systems (DelSys) will be held in CentraleSupélec (Gif sur Yvette) on November 25th-27th 2015.
Emphasizing Delays and Interconnections: Methodology, Algorithms and Applications, will focus on the most innovative mathematical methods proposed in the last few years for the analysis and design of complex dynamical systems.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together the delay systems community to promote discussions on emerging topics related to complex dynamical systems. This workshop is organized within the International Scientific Coordination Network, DelSys (mainly funded by the CNRS ) involves 40+ researchers from France (LAAS, GIPSA-Lab and L2S), Belgium, Italy, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Thematic Areas
        •    Analysis and control of Distributed Parameter systems
        •    Model reduction and approximation
        •    Modeling of population and biology systems
        •    Observation and Identification of time-delay systems
        •    Infinite dimensional systems 
        •    Partial differential equations and its applications.