Seminar at CMAP

Séminaire le 13 Octobre 2015, 10h15 à Salle de conférence du CPHT (rdc de l'aile 0), Ecole Polytechnique
Daniel Han Kwan and Mathieu Girardin

Le prochain séminaire du CMAP aura lieu le 13/10 à 10h15 à nouveau en salle de conférence du CPHT (rdc de l'aile 0), à l'école polytechnique:
- 10h15 : Daniel Han Kwan (CMLS) - An introduction to the Vlasov-Poisson system (and to its quasi-neutral limit).
- 11h15 : Mathieu Girardin (CMAP).

Résumé de Daniel Han Kwan:
The Vlasov-Poisson system is a classical PDE model of plasma physics, used to describe the dynamics in phase space of interacting charged particles. We will review some remarkable mathematical properties of this system. The topics reviewed should include (1) the existence of weak or strong solutions, (2) the stability and instability theory of certain equilibria, (3) the quasineutral limit, i.e. the regime when the Debye length is small compared to the typical observation length.