iCODE management relies on four entities : the ComIdex, the Steering committe (CoPil), the Project manager and the Challenges coordinators.

All iCODE members can submit a support request, for a given project of research, spin-off creation, training or diffusion in the iCODE scientific topics. These applications need to be done within the call for projects organized by each Research Initiative (RI). The only exceptions are the request for support to the organization of scientific events, which can be formulated at any time (please contact the corresponding RI coordinators).

After the deadline of each call for projects, an evaluation of all support requests is made. This evaluation is made by the RI coordinators for the RI Control & Neuroscience, Large-scale systems & Smart grids and Behavioral Economics. In the case of the White RI, a jury whose members are outside of  iCODE is in charge of the evaluation of the submitted projects.

After evaluation and selection of the applications, the RI coordinators propose a list of selected projects to the CoPil. The CoPil examines this proposition and decides which projects are eventually supported, together with the amount of the financial support. Only iCODE members institutions belonging to Idex Paris Saclay are eligible to receive financial support from iCODE.