Workshop on neural population dynamics

Séminaire le 4 Février 2015, 10h00 à Supélec, Gif sur Yvette

The workshop on neural population dynamics is a joint iCODE-SynchNeuro event. It will take place in Supélec, Gif sur Yvette, on February, 4th 2015. It aims at gathering neuroscientists and control theoreticians around the dynamics of neural populations. Its topics cover:

  • Modeling
  • Identification of parameters based on experimental data
  • Link between models
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Feedback control.

The list of invited speakers is:

  • Bruno Cessac, INRIA
  • Alain Destexhe, UNIC
  • David Hansel, Univ. Paris 5
  • Axel Hutt, INRIA
  • Dimitris Pinotsis, UCL
  • Peter Wellstead, Hamilton Institute.

Registration is free but mandatory. Posters are welcomed !

For further information check the workshop website.

We look forward to seeing you there !

The organizers, Antoine Chaillet and Georgios Detorakis 




Validation and Software Wokshop

Séminaire le 26 Août 2014, 12h30 à Ecole Polytechnique, PALAISEAU (91)

Monday October 27th in Ecole Polytechnique - Palaiseau - Paris Saclay, France
PGMO together with the COST Action "Mathematical Optimization in the Decision Support Systems for Efficient and Robust Energy Networks"
(website : organise prior to the COPI-PGMO'14 conference,
a workshop related to Validation and Software
For further informations, see the attached document

Human Cyber Physical System Interaction : control for Human Welfare

Séminaire le 25 Août 2014, 09h00 à POINCARE Institute - PARIS

September 2014 the 22-23, Poincarré Institute - Paris
The final programm of the Workshop "Human Cyber Physical System Interaction : Control for Human Welfare" is available, for further informations see attached document